Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Head Instructor – Sensei Brown, Royce Gracie Black Belt

Sensei Brown has been an active member of the martial arts community for over 25 years and is one of the world’s first 100 Royce Gracie black belts. Sensei Brown has the honour of being Royce’s second black belt in Canada and the first Canadian black belt to receive all of his belt rankings from the legendary Royce Gracie.
In 1999, Sensei Brown began training with Royce, making him Royce’s longest-serving Canadian student. Sensei Brown has a passion for teaching and upon returning from living in California in the summer of 1999, Gracie Dojo™ began when Sensei Brown opened a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Karate Club at the University of Victoria. Sensei Brown also holds black belts in Karate, Kobudo (weapons) and Japanese Ju-Jutsu under the late Richard Kim and Rick Marshall, of the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai.
Sensei Brown has a master’s degree in Kinesiology and a bachelor’s degree in Education and is a certified teacher who has taught at both the secondary and post-secondary levels. He is also a fully certified Level III National Coach with the National Coaching Certification Program. Sensei Brown is recognized with creating and teaching western Canada’s first university accredited karate course. He has written numerous publications on Personal Protection and is a sought after educator and martial arts instructor for teachers, members of law enforcement and those passionate about learning the original Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Some of Sensei Brown’s past tournament accomplishments include multiple National Karate titles as well as North American Black Belt Fighting Champion at the International Zen Bei Butoku-Kai Championships.

Professor Royce Gracie – UFC Hall of Fame Member

Royce Gracie is a legend among legends. He is a World Champion as well as a three-time winner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship™ and is the only person in the history of mixed martial arts to successfully defeat four opponents in a single night.
In 2014, Sports Illustrated named Royce the 44th Greatest Athlete of all time, joining the greats of Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth and Bruce Lee.
Royce has taught many of the big screen greats like Chuck Norris and Ed O’Neal. He has also been very active teaching the CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Military and Law Enforcement agencies throughout North America, including Canada’s National Police Force. Royce is a master instructor and has a strong network of black belts throughout the world.
Sensei Brown (2015) and Sensei Smith (2013) are the only Royce Gracie Canadian black belts (  
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu